123Rental.uk is a search engine and databank wherein public data from landlords is collated to display the latest range of rental properties.

In one place, 123Rental.uk houses thousands of advertisements for rental properties. On our website, you’ll discover various types of rental properties, from private landlords and student housing to those offered by private individuals or corporations. It’s worthwhile to return daily and perform a search, ensuring you promptly encounter homes matching your criteria.

Utilise the straightforward search filters and our lightning-fast website to directly connect with hundreds of landlords. Upon entering keywords, you’ll instantly view relevant advertisements and be promptly directed to the landlord.

Each ad indicates its last check time, a process conducted manually and automatically by our virtual assistants, with precision down to the minute.

If there’s currently no suitable home online, swiftly enter a search query via the website. If you’re fortunate, you’ll soon receive matches via email. If the process takes too long, consider adjusting your search filters for efficiency.

123Rental.uk operates independently and indexes relevant information in a search engine style. Consequently, we may not, for example, display (all) photos in every case, but they are only a click away thanks to our deep link service.

Every visitor is free to explore alternative sources when searching for a home.