Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions 123rental.uk


In these general terms and conditions, the following terms, always indicated with a capital letter, are used in the following meaning.

  1. Easysearch International Limited | The user of these general terms and conditions.
  2. Address: Room 1911A, Unit F, 19/F,
    Golden bear centre, 66 CHAI
    Wan kok street, Tsuen wan,
    Hong Kong
  3. User: Any individual or legal entity who has entered or intends to enter into a User Agreement
    with 123rental.uk, as well as any visitor to the Website.
  4. Consumer: A User who is an individual acting outside their professional or business capacity.
  5. User Agreement: The contract between 123rental.uk and the User, established by registering
    on the Website, allowing the User to access the Web Space, potentially for a fee.
  6. Membership: A User Agreement in which the User has a payment obligation towards
  7. Website: The website www.123rental.uk.
  8. Profile/Web Space: The User’s private section of the Website, accessible only though their
    login details.
  9. Content: All data, including photos, videos, and texts, uploaded by the User through their
    Profile and/or published on the Website and/or shared with other Users.


  1. These terms and conditions govern any visit to and use of the Website, any offer by
    123rental.uk to enter into a User Agreement, and the conclusion of any such User Agreement.
  2. If 123rental.uk does not always insist on strict compliance with these terms and conditions, it
    does not waive the applicability of these terms and conditions, nor does it relinquish the right
    to enforce strict compliance in future cases.
  3. The destruction or nullity of one or more provisions of these general terms and conditions or
    the User Agreement does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In such instances,
    the parties are obligated to engage in mutual consultation to establish an alternative
    arrangement for the affected clause. During this process, the original provision’s purpose and
    intent will be taken into consideration as much as possible.


  1. 123rental.uk is under no obligation to accept the User’s registration and enter into a User Agreement.
  2. The User cannot derive any rights from an offer by 123rental.uk that contains an obvious error
    or mistake.
  3. The creation of a Profile on the Website is contingent upon the User’s registration on the
    Website. The User is prohibited from registering in the name of another (legal) person.123rental.uk reserves the right to promptly remove such Profiles.
  4. The User Agreement is deemed concluded when the User’s registration has been confirmed by
    123rental.uk via email, and the User has fulfilled all conditions stated in the offer.


  1. The User guarantees that all information provided during registration on the Website is correct,
    accurate, current, and complete.
  2. The User is solely responsible for communication with fellow users, and 123rental.uk bears no
    liability in this regard.
  3. The User is prohibited from uploading, sharing, and/or disclosing illegal, incorrect, misleading,
    violent, infringing, hateful, or discriminatory Content via the Web Space.
  4. The User is not permitted to use the Website in any way for: Unlawful acts or criminal offences. Acts that are contrary to generally applicable standards and values. This includes, but is not limited to: Infringement of the intellectual property rights of 123rental.uk or third
    parties. The unlawful and/or criminal distribution of secret or confidential information.
    The illegal or criminal distribution of text, image, and/or video material, including racist
    statements and criminal content.5. The User is liable for all activities performed through their Profile. Login details must be kept
    confidential, and all actions on the User’s account are attributed to the registered User. The
    User is solely responsible for their behaviour and all Content uploaded via the Web Space and
    published on the Website.
  5. Retrieving, using, or collecting login information from other Users is strictly prohibited.
  6. Defamation, threats, bullying, name-calling, harassment, stalking, or intimidation of persons,
    whether through messages or otherwise, is prohibited.
  7. Infringing on the privacy of fellow users is strictly prohibited. Additionally, providing personal
    information about fellow users to third parties is not allowed.
  8. Obstructing or disrupting the Website, servers, or networks used by 123rental.uk, for example
    through worms, viruses, spyware, malware, or other destructive code, is prohibited.
  9. Use of the Website is only permitted for its intended purposes as provided by 123rental.uk.
    Users are not allowed to collect and/or use User’s; profile information for improper purposes.
  10. The User is responsible for their own communication with other Users, both online and offline.
    The User indemnifies 123rental.uk from all claims related to the conduct of any co-user.
    Common sense must be exercised in all communication and Content sharing.
  11. 123rental.uk bears no responsibility for Content uploaded, shared, and/or disclosed through the
    Website. Users use the Website at their own risk.
  12. A User offering rental space determines rental decisions independently; 123rental.uk does not
    operate a lottery system or favour certain renters over others.
  13. 123rental.uk is entitled, though not obliged, to remove, block, and/or monitor Content violating
    the terms and conditions. Users can file complaints about illegal and/or infringing Content, and
    if deemed justified, 123rental.uk may remove the relevant Content without liability to the User.
  14. The User guarantees ownership or proper authorisation for all Content placed on the Website,
    ensuring it does not infringe on third-party rights. Posting photos, videos, or any Content
    involving other persons on the User’s Profile requires prior consent from the concerned
  15. 123rental.uk lacks permanent means to monitor User Profiles and Content continuously. Users
    can inform 123rental.uk of suspected violations, prompting efforts to prevent recurrence and
    potential removal of relevant Content from the Website.


  1. 1. The User, functioning as a provider of rental space, can publish their rental space offer on the
    Website free of charge. Essential mandatory information must be provided to enable renters to
    form an informed opinion about the offered rental space.
  2. The User, in the capacity of a provider of rental space, must promptly and appropriately remove
    their rental space offer from the Website if the space is rented out, or if it becomes unavailable
    for any reason, whether through 123rental.uk or otherwise.
  3. The User, acting as a provider of rental space, agrees that their rental space offer, along with all
    disclosed information on the Website, may be placed on other online marketplaces and shared
    via platforms such as Facebook and Trovit.
  4. The User, functioning as a provider of rental space, is hereby requested to respond within a
    reasonable time to messages from potential tenants, even if the rental space has already been
    rented out, or if the User is not interested in the tenant’s demand for the space.


  1. 123rental.uk is authorised to scrutinise Profiles or specific Content, leading to the right to
    refuse, block, and/or remove them from the Website if:
    a. The Profile or Content contains unlawful or punishable statements;
    b. The Profile or Content exhibits a violent character;
    c. The Profile or Content discriminates based on race, gender, political opinion, religion, or
    d. The Profile or Content contains malware and/or viruses or includes links to sources with
    malware and/or viruses;
    e. The User acts in contravention of any provision outlined in these general terms and
  2. In cases where a Profile is blocked or removed based on the provisions of the preceding
    paragraph, or if the User Agreement is terminated due to circumstances attributable to the
    User, no refund of payments will be issued.


  1. The User Agreement, entailing a payment obligation, is entered into for an indefinite period.
  2. A Membership is established for the expressly agreed fixed term. If not cancelled before the
    specified term expires, the Membership is subject to automatic renewal and is tacitly extended
  3. Each User Agreement concludes no later than one month after its cancellation. In case of User-
    initiated cancellation, it must be communicated via email to info@123rental.uk. For paid
    memberships, the agreement persists until the specified term and cancellation period have
  4.  123rental.uk retains the right to alter the Website’s functionalities without notice or cease itsoperation at any time. If 123rental.uk discontinues the Website, Users with active Memberships
    are entitled to a refund proportionate to the unused portion of the Membership.
  5. The user accepts immediate delivery of the service subject to a payment obligation, with no trial
    period. The user explicitly waives the right of withdrawal upon placing an order, as 123rental.uk
    provides immediate access to the database.
  6. If a property listed on the provider’s website becomes unavailable, the user may contact other
    landlords during the remaining term. Although 123rental.uk verifies listings daily, it cannot
    guarantee the immediate removal of unavailable advertisements.
  7. New users enjoy a complimentary trial period of 14 days on the website.
    Following this free period, the membership transitions to a paid status, incurring a payment
    obligation if not cancelled within the specified timeframe.
  8. In case of User Agreement termination, as mentioned in preceding paragraphs, all User Content
    becomes inaccessible. 123rental.uk holds no retention obligation post-termination, and all rights
    granted to the User under these terms and conditions cease immediately.


  1. The Premium Account at 123rental.uk is competitively priced at £30 for each month and is billed quarterly, providing full access to our extensive database and additional features. In our ongoing effort to deliver exceptional value, we are excited to offer a 14-day free trial period. This trial is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly convert into a more comprehensive quarterly subscription. The quarterly subscription is economically advantageous, priced at £30 per month.
  2. Value Added Tax (VAT). All prices listed on our platform are exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) unless explicitly stated otherwise.

    VAT is applicable to customers based on the regulations and requirements of their respective countries. Customers may be required to pay VAT in accordance with the prevailing tax laws of their country of residence or operation. As a non-EU supplier of electronically supplied services, we are required to account for VAT on these services provided to EU non-business customers as a result of the VAT place of supply rules contained in Council Directive 2006/112/EC on the common system of value-added tax.

    In order to fulfill our VAT obligations, we have opted to register for VAT under the special scheme for non-EU suppliers of electronic services, also known as the one-stop scheme, in accordance with Article 357 to 369 of the above EC Directive rather than register for VAT in each member state individually.

    As we are registered for VAT under this one-stop scheme, we are required to charge VAT to non-business customers at the rate that applies to the customer`s member state.

    123Rental.uk – Easysearch International Limited,  incorporated in Hong Kong, registered under VAT-number EU372067698 charges VAT for transactions with B2C (Business-to-Consumer) customers. For B2B (Business-to-Business) customers, please contact us directly to arrange for VAT to be reverse charged. It is the responsibility of B2B customers to inform us of their status and provide necessary documentation for VAT reverse charging. We are a non-EU supplier of electronically supplied services. As such, our VAT registration number is prefixed by “EU”

    3. The initial price displayed on our platform is exclusive of VAT. When required by the customer’s country, the applicable VAT will be added to the initial price.

    4. All prices and VAT amounts are specified in GBP (British Pounds) unless otherwise stated.

    5. Customers are responsible for any additional VAT charges imposed by their local tax authorities. VAT will be clearly indicated on the invoice, separate from the initial price.

  3. 123rental.uk gives the User the opportunity to use the trail period once for 14 days. Each User can take advantage of this offer once a year. After this free period, the membership automatically transfers to a paid membership and a payment obligation applies if no cancellation is made within the given time frame of 14 days within the free trial, under the My Account section Subscriptions or by email to info@123rental.uk
  4. If the User abuses the free period several times in a year, the account will immediately be converted to a paid membership and invoiced to the user.
  5. If the User does not unsubscribe within the free period, the subscription and therefore the payment obligation for the User will automatically commence immediately after this period. The subscription has a fixed period of at least 3 months. After 3 months (90 days) the subscription can be canceled monthly. If the agreement is not cancelled before the end of the term, the subscription will be extended by 90 days each time.
  6. Payment for a Membership must be made to one of the payment methods designated by 123rental.uk. In the event of payment with IDEAL, Credit Card, Bancontact, Giropay or Sofort, the User provides an authorization when entering into the Subscription to have any subsequent instalments collected automatically.
  7. In case the payment fails, payment must still be made by bank transfer, within the term stated by 123rental.uk on the invoice. In those cases, without prejudice to the provisions of paragraphs 4 and 5, 123rental.uk is furthermore entitled to charge the costs associated with the withdrawal or reversal, as well as administrative costs to be reasonably determined per invoice.
  8. Payment instructions for bank transfer
  9. Bank Name: Modulr FS Limited
  10. Account Holder: Easysearch International Limited
    Bank account number: 00220280
    Sort code: 040085
  11. International SWIFT Payment instructions
  12. Account Holder: Easysearch International Limited
    Bank account number: 47413478588
    Bank code: 003
    Branch code: 474
    Bank name: Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd
  13. Please use your invoice number as the payment reference.
  14. Payments by invoice must be paid according to the conditions on the invoice.
  15. If timely payment is not made, the User will be in default by operation of law. From the day on which the User’s default occurs, the User owes the statutory interest on the outstanding amount, whereby part of a month is regarded as a full month.
  16. All reasonable costs, such as judicial, extrajudicial and execution costs, incurred to obtain the amounts owed by the User, are for the account of the User.
  17. Late Payment: The company reserves the right to make late payment charges composed of simple interest calculated on a daily basis equivalent to the Bank of England base rate plus 8%, on an unpaid balance from the due date for payment until receipt of the full amount outstanding.
  18. Customers shall indemnify the Company against all costs and expenses (including any legal costs and expenses on a full indemnity basis) incurred or sustained by the Company in recovering sums due in each case without prejudice to any other rights or remedies available to the Company.
  19. Our Debt Collection Agency will add debt collection costs of £35 (+vat) to any balance referred to them for Debt Recovery. If legal action becomes necessary, legal costs will be in addition to these debt collection costs.


  1. 123rental.uk is not involved in any communication between Users. The service provided by
    123rental.uk is limited to offering a residential search engine and bulletin board function. Users
    decide whether to use the service and are responsible for contacting landlords or brokers
    without involving 123rental.uk. 123rental.uk is not a party to any agreements between Users
    and disclaims liability in this regard.
  2. Users determine the Content uploaded, published, and shared on the Website. 123rental.uk is
    not obliged to verify the lawfulness, accuracy, completeness, or reliability of this Content. Users
    cannot assume 123rental.uk’s approval of any Content uploaded or shared on the Website.
    123rental.uk bears no liability for the Content published and shared by any User and is
    indemnified by the User against claims alleging unlawful, incorrect, incomplete, or misleading
  3. 123rental.uk exclusively operates the Website, providing opportunities for (potential) tenants
    and landlords to connect. 123rental.uk is not a rental broker and is not involved in the
    negotiation or conclusion of rental agreements between Users. 123rental.uk bears no liability
    for the failure to find a tenant or rental space through the Website.
  4. 123rental.uk does not verify the offer of rental space, including (price and address) information
    and photos, for correctness and completeness. The User providing rental space is fully
    responsible for the content published through the Website. 123rental.uk is not obliged to verify
    the content or legality of the posted rental space offer. Users providing rental space indemnify
    123rental.uk against claims from other Users in this regard.
  5. 123rental.uk is not liable for damage resulting from unauthorised use of a User’s login details to
    access the Web Space.
  6. While 123rental.uk endeavours to optimise the correct functioning and accessibility of the
    Website, it cannot guarantee uninterrupted availability or trouble-free operation. 123rental.uk’s
    liability in this respect is excluded.
  7. 123rental.uk may temporarily put the Website or parts thereof out of use for maintenance,
    upgrades, malfunction resolution, or other reasons. 123rental.uk is not liable for any resulting
    inaccessibility or reduced accessibility or usability of the Web Space, Website, or parts thereof.
  8. 123rental.uk is not liable for programming errors on the Web Space or Website. Except in cases
    of wilful misconduct and wilful recklessness, 123rental.uk is not liable for viruses or other
    harmful components transmitted through the Website or servers.
  9. References to third-party websites on the Website do not render 123rental.uk liable for the
    content of those websites.
  10. While 123rental.uk endeavours to protect the Web Space and Website, it is not liable for third-
    party violations of User (intellectual property) rights.
  11. If liability towards a paying User exists, it is limited to the price paid by the User for the
    Membership or that part of the Membership to which the liability pertains.
  12. The User is liable to 123rental.uk for damage resulting from a violation of these terms, the
    spread of viruses, and other actions affecting the Website’s proper functioning. The User is
    responsible for costs incurred by 123rental.uk in defending or assisting in such matters.
  13. In case of User violations, the User indemnifies 123rental.uk against damages and claims from
    third parties.


  1. All copyrights and other intellectual property rights pertaining to the domain name of
    123rental.uk, the Web Space, Website, and their components, including the name,
    123rental’s design, functionality, images, and sounds, are owned by 123rental.uk unless
    these rights are vested in the User, co-users, or third parties.
  2. The User is expressly prohibited from duplicating, modifying, reproducing in any form, supplying
    to third parties, or sharing, in connection with the normal use of the Web Space or Website.


  1. The User Agreement and all other legal relationships between the User and 123rental.uk are
    governed exclusively by Hong Kong law.
  2. Prior to resorting to legal action, the parties are obligated to exert every effort to amicably
    resolve disputes through mutual consultation. Users may contact 123rental.uk for complaints
    regarding the use of the Website, Web Space, and matters related to the User Agreement.
    Complaints about 123rental.uk must be submitted to 123rental.uk via email within a reasonable
    time after the User has identified the grounds for the complaint, providing a comprehensive and
    clear description.
  3. 123rental.uk will respond to complaints within fourteen days of receipt. If a complaint requires a
    more extended processing time, an acknowledgment of receipt will be sent within fourteen
    days, along with an indication of when the User can expect a detailed response.